What’s different about Tie the Knot Administration?

Fingerprints with Marriage Officer Symi
What happens behind the scenes, in our office?
Before your wedding
Legal - We send through checklists of things to be done, provided, and attended to, before your wedding day.
If either or both of you are Foreign Nationals, we assist you with the intricacies of the process, and guide you through it with clear, simple instruction.
The process is daunting for most couples and Ava will guide you through every step to ensure that it goes smoothly and isn't so stressful. The week leading up to your wedding we will confirm with you that all the relevant paperwork is in hand, ready for us, on your wedding day.
We're here to answer any questions you may have - so as new questions come up, you're ALWAYS welcome to make contact with us.
Ceremony – We really get to know the two of you, with Skype video chats, your What'sApp homework recordings, and if possible, face-to-face meetings.   We chat with you about possible unity celebrations, and beautiful traditions, or possible symbolism we could include in your ceremony.  This is important, because in this lies the unique experience of your day.
We develop your ceremony around who you are, and your journey together - around where you are going with your life, and how you want your marriage to blossom.
We help you to write your perfect promises for each other and discuss the many ways in which to say them to each other. It’s a beautiful journey for the two of you to walk together.
On the day of your wedding
Legal - On arrival, we take receipt of the required documentation, check it, and make sure everything is perfect.
After the beautiful ceremony is completed, we will whisk you away for about 15 minutes to complete the wedding register. This complies with requirements from the Department of Home Affairs, and we build in a little bit of "alone-time", before your friends and family join you for your celebration.
Before introducing you back to your guests with your new titles, we give you your crisp new Registration Certificate (Marriage Certificate).  We'll make sure this goes to a "responsible adult" who isn't getting married on the day, so you can party on!
Ceremony – When we arrive Ava will connect with the planner /coordinator /photographer and DJ to ensure all your key people are briefed and on cue.  Her years of stage management comes in really handy here!
While Symi is celebrating your bespoke ceremony with you, Ava spends a few moments taking photos behind the scenes.  If you check our Instagram feed, you'll see mostly her own work.  You're under no obligation to have these photos published on our feed, at all.
After Your wedding
Legal - We process the paperwork and registration at Home affairs and let you know when the registration has been captured.
This part of the administration includes correspondence with
1/ yourselves in terms of the registration status;
2/ Immigration (when required) and
3/ the department of Home affairs (to ensure speedy and correct registration of your marriage).
Once the wedding has been registered at Home Affairs, Symi or Ava will send you your register copies via What'sApp.  You'll need these to apply for your Unabridged Computer Generated Certificates from DHA.  Only these certificates are acceptable when you're applying for an Apostille stamp.
Ceremony – Awesome piccies land in your whatsapp group for you to enjoy while on honeymoon.