Alice and Ivan – 12 Feb 2018

Alice and Ivan wanted a no fuss, no mess, simple wedding ceremony. So, that, is exactly what we did. With their besties to witness, we tied the knot for the two, after which they went to celebrate their marriage on the Breede river with all their friends over a long weekend. These two are now excitedly travelling Europe as part of their honeymoon.

Tie The Knot Cape Town, Muizenberg

After doing a brief search for marriage officers able to perform 'non-religious' marriage ceremonies, Google and fate led us to Ava and Symi. Meeting them felt like meeting old friends and they were wonderfully warm and welcoming and provided us with exactly what we asked for - a simple officiation ceremony with as little fuss as possible. They were also extremely helpful when it came to dealing with the paperwork. We were so happy to deal with the lovely dreaded Symi rather the dreaded Department of Home Affairs! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a marriage officer.
Alice and Ivan