Your Day, Your Way

 As Marriage Officer, I officiate weddings for people in love. People like you, whose love goes Beyond Gender, Gender Orientation, Race, and Religion.  This is your invitation to Tie the Knot, in Cape Town.

Welcome to your dream wedding ceremony where we help you realize YOUR forever Love story...

Getting married is a pivotal moment in your life.  Even if you have been in this relationship for a long time, there is something different after you’ve made the commitment to each other.  There’s something “real”, something luxurious, something that changes the world for the better.  While it’s easy to get lost in the detail of the day – the flowers and the clothes and the arrangements and the glamour – what really binds you two together, what really stands at the centre of your day, is that moment when you start your new life, united.

Everything comes down to “I do”.  It is the start of the Happily Together Forever.

Relationship Coach and Marriage officer, Symi, is a registered Marriage Officer, through SAPRA, at Department of Home Affairs

Officiating Services include:

  • Non-Religious unions, marriages and ceremonies
  • Pagan Handfasting and Parting of the ways Rituals
  • GLBTIQ+ unions and marriages
  • Multi-Religious ceremonies
  • Commitment Renewal ceremonies
  • Milestone Anniversary Ceremonies

We’d like to help create Your Day, Your Way.  Let Tying the knot be all about you two, and let us create the perfect ceremony, worthy of a love story like yours.

Tie the knot, in Cape Town.

Tie the knot!

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