Ariell and Gareth – 15 February 2018

Non-religious, non-conventional, and intimate

A new family, living in a foreign land, wanting a non-religious and non-conventional, intimate wedding on the beach with their families...

Ariell and Gareth planned their wedding celebration with us, all the way from a small village in China where they both teach English. We were thrilled when the big day finally arrived and everything went perfectly. Even the Cape Town weather played along, making this, the perfect beach wedding for our couple.

Ariell and Gareth's Beach Wedding Ceremony Windemeul Beach

Symi and Ava took our dream for our wedding ceremony and made it a reality. Our wedding ceremony was so deeply personal, it involved our guests and was the exact fit for us.

Thank you again Symi and Ava, we love you xxx
Ariell and Gareth

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