Ashley and Anita – 20 August 2017

Two beautiful souls in love, ready for the next step. Ashley and Anita came to us for their simple, wedding ceremony, that involved all the paperwork. They wanted someone to assist them with the first part of making their union legal, without having to wait at Home Affairs. When their big day finally arrived, they couple was over the moon and celebrated to their hearts content with friends and family.

“Finding enough words to thank someone for something so amazing, something so mesmerizing & so personal has never been an easy task..

Yet here we stand today, with hearts filled with love & appreciation towards the 2 ladies that has helped us make a dream that seemed impossible,a reality..
after weeks of disappointment & hours on the phone trying to find solutions, all it took was one phone call to the right no & our dream became its beautiful self..

These Ladies helped us reach the starting point of our Biggest adventure together..
And for that we will eternally be greatfull!

Ava & Symi , we delt you a task with an impossible deadline ,and you made it all soo painless & soooo perfect..
As we stand here today we know ,without a doubt that picking you to do our ceremony, to bound our souls & to help tie the knot of our love ,has been the decision we could’ve ever made!!

Thank you for being a part of the start of our new life, for taking the time to help us reach a longing goal & for blessing our marriage with the beauty & wisdom that you deemed on us..
-although we know, these tiny little words would never cover it all.. We thank you!!

All our love..
Ashley and Anita”
Tied the Knot 7 October 2017