Agatha and Chivonne – 11 Feb 2018

They dreamed of a beach wedding ceremony, the ocean as backdrop and white doves released into a perfect sky at just the right moment… and that is just what we did! We crafted our couples unique wedding ceremony, celebrating their day, their way.

“When we started planning our wedding, being in a same sex relationship it was important for us to find the right person(s) to officiate over our wedding ceremony. We wanted the ceremony to personalized and meaningful to us and as well as our guests. We contacted Ava & Symi and after our first Skype session we were 120% certain that they were who we were looking for. Without hesitation we booked them for the wedding, speaking to them was like speaking to family members. They made us even more excited about our wedding than we already were. From that first Skype session until our wedding day (even until now) they always checked in on us, gave us advice, kept us calm. On our wedding day when certain things seemed as if they would be problems Ava & Symi took control which made our wedding day that much more special. The ceremony was everything we wanted and more.

So THANK YOU Ava Symi. You guys rock.

Please if you want a very special wedding day we would recommend Ava & Symi

Lots of Love Agatha & Chivonne
Tied the knot – 11 February 2018

Once again thank you for everything.
Love Agatha & Chivonne

Megan and Donovan – 16 December 2017

Megan and Donovan celebrated their beautiful woodland wedding ceremony at Laatson in Porterville, located in the beautiful Swartland region, famous for  excellent wines and golden wheat fields. Their elements tasting ceremony had everyone in stitches, especially when they tasted the spicy element – chili. Tying the knot for Megs and Donovan, under a canopy of trees with the chirping cheers of bird life, really made this day so very special. The couple spoke and sealed their vows with a honeyed kiss (an old Persian wedding tradition), to remind them of the sweet purity of the promises that they made to each other on their beautiful wedding day.

“Trying to find the right person to marry us was probably one of the few things that I was most stressed about for our wedding. We were looking for someone that would make our ceremony personal and meaningful. I knew from our first Skype session that we had found the perfect team for the job. We absolutely loved having Ava and Symi being part of the ceremony and build up to it, they really made us feel at ease and felt as though we had known them for years.” Megan and Donovan
Tied the Knot on 16 December 2017

Jey and Lorraine – 30 November 2017

Having been together for some time, our happy couple, Jey and Lorraine wanted to have a fun, relaxed Elopement wedding on the beach.

“Meeting Symi and Ava was like meeting old friends. They brought this comfortable yet professional approach to our awesome ceremony. It was fun, romantic and better than we had dreamt. Thank you ladies for being part of our wonderful day. You made it special beyond words.” Jey and Lorraine (UK – Tied the Knot on 30 November 2017)

Ivan and Jamalyn

Thank you once again! Making everything hassle free. Amazing personalities! Thank you for all the help!!!
Ivan and Jamalyn (SA and Fillipines)
Tied the Knot on 25 February 2018

Evelyn and Damon

We would like to thank Symi and Ava once again for the most amazing wedding ceremony. We were looking for a non-religious, modern and positive wedding officer and this is exactly what we found. The ceremony was humorous, positive, romantic and met all our expectations. The vows Symi and Ava wrote for us were fantastic and the handfasting rope was absolutely beautiful – something gorgeous for us to keep. You have no idea how much we (and the guests) loved the ceremony because of your brilliant work!
Thanks guys, we loved it and the guests loved it!
Evelyn and Damon
Tied the Knot on 21 January 2018

Tershia and Bryna

Dear Symi and Ava,

This is a long overdue to thank you to for making our special day the perfect day.

We appreciate the extra care that you took to distill the essence of our relationship and personalise our ceremony. Your guidance through the time leading up to the day, support and advice was indispensable. On the day, you went above and beyond, everything was meaningful and perfect.

We would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a personalised and caring approach to tying the knot.

Warmest Wishes,
Tershia and Bryna
Tied the Knot on 7 July 2017

Wiesahl & Mihkyle

Asalaam (peace be upon you) Beautiful ladies,
WOW! Where do I begin…

A few months ago I was on a verge of a nervous breakdown planning my wedding…lol (dramatic I know).
My fiancé and I (who’s now my husband) were looking to legalize our marriage seeing that getting married Islamic rights aren’t legal in South Africa, and also cause he was Christian embracing Islam and the religion being a sensitive topic. We needed something non-religious for obvious reasons, yet still custom made to our liking. This obviously added to my stress, and I could only turn to my best friend…GOOGLE. I don’t regret going with the first number that popped up, who happened to be Symis’s. I explained my whole life history to Symi (whom I didn’t know from a bar of soap. Lol) Totally chilled (as Symi always seemed to be) and opened minded, listened tentatively and gave me good advice. Shortly after the call I received an email from Ava, we set up our skype meeting and BAM! “Tie the knot Cape Town” was booked for our big day!

You two ladies crept into our lives silently and had such a HUGE impact on our big day you would never believe me. The sound advice you guys so easily gave, the guidance and reminders as to who it’s really about, on our wedding day as well as the rest of our lives meant so much to us. It still plays in my head everyday. Hec! You guys even convinced me to change my surname. Lmao. My husband should pay you extra for that hahaha.

Your humbleness and humour just put the cherry on top of everything during our skype sessions as well as on our big day. I cannot thank you both enough for everything. Your beautiful souls and positive energy is what the world needs more of. I’m glad google brought us together. I wish you everything of the best on all future endeavours. If there’s a couple who’s equipped to take on the world, its Symi and Ava with their beautiful family, who I pray grows one day In Shaa Allah.

Lots of love, hugs & kisses
Wiesahl and Mihkyle Sylvester
Tied the knot on 25 November 2017

Ashley and Anita – 20 August 2017

Two beautiful souls in love, ready for the next step. Ashley and Anita came to us for their simple, wedding ceremony, that involved all the paperwork. They wanted someone to assist them with the first part of making their union legal, without having to wait at Home Affairs. When their big day finally arrived, they couple was over the moon and celebrated to their hearts content with friends and family.

“Finding enough words to thank someone for something so amazing, something so mesmerizing & so personal has never been an easy task..

Yet here we stand today, with hearts filled with love & appreciation towards the 2 ladies that has helped us make a dream that seemed impossible,a reality..
after weeks of disappointment & hours on the phone trying to find solutions, all it took was one phone call to the right no & our dream became its beautiful self..

These Ladies helped us reach the starting point of our Biggest adventure together..
And for that we will eternally be greatfull!

Ava & Symi , we delt you a task with an impossible deadline ,and you made it all soo painless & soooo perfect..
As we stand here today we know ,without a doubt that picking you to do our ceremony, to bound our souls & to help tie the knot of our love ,has been the decision we could’ve ever made!!

Thank you for being a part of the start of our new life, for taking the time to help us reach a longing goal & for blessing our marriage with the beauty & wisdom that you deemed on us..
-although we know, these tiny little words would never cover it all.. We thank you!!

All our love..
Ashley and Anita”
Tied the Knot 7 October 2017