Your Budget, Your Way

Make Your Story Count

Make Your Story Count

Win a huge discount on your quotation from Tie the Knot, Cape Town.

Yes, it's real!  Every month, we spoil a happy couple with a huge discount on their quotation from Tie the Knot, Cape Town.

How do you get the prize?

It's easy!  All you need is the device you're using now, a walk down memory lane, and to wade through your favorite photos, to decide which ones to send to us via WeTransfer!

Tell us the story of YOU.

How did you meet?  How did you fall in love?  How did you know this is The One?

You can send us an audio recording, or a typed story, with photos, via WeTransfer.

Once you've uploaded all the photos and text files and audio files you want to send, you simply pop the WeTransfer link in the answer block, and fill in your details.

What if you don't win?

Oh - don't despair!

Tie the Knot Cape  Town's promise of "Your Day, Your Way" isn't just a generic celebration!  Ava and Symi specialize in making your day stress-free, easy-peasy, deeply gratifying, personal, and significant in every way.

Every celebration is created for you, as a couple, based on who you are, and the things that are important to you, and the way you love each other.  Ava is there for you, to support you every step of the way, checking in with you, guiding you through the scary corners, and making your special day more fun, more relaxed, and more fulfilling than you ever dreamed possible.

Ava will do her very best in hooking you up with the service providers who will make your day even more real.  She works with picture perfect photographers, the partiest DJ's, florists who blossom at the thought of helping you, venues that feel like paradise discovered anew, the yummiest of caterers, and the most honourable legal eagles for your prenuptial agreement if you wish to set one up.

Ava will only refer hand-picked, professional people whom she personally knows, and trusts.

Whether you get your huge discount, or not, Tie the Knot, Cape Town always bring care, competence, empathy and time to your celebration.

So let's get started, yes?

Q. Paste the link to the WeTransfer files here


Your Details

Here are some questions for you, to help us make the discount bigger

Both ZA Citizens
Both Foreign Nationals
One Foreign National and One ZA Citizen
One Permanent Resident and one ZA Citizen
Two Permanent Residents with ZA ID docs or Smartcard ID cards

Wedding Ceremony
Just the Legal Marriage, please
Renewal of Vows
Binding together for two existing families, as one
Wiccaning or Namming Ceremony for our littlie
Adoption Ceremony for when our family grows
Parting of the ways Ceremony for closure if our journey together is over

beyond race
beyond religion
beyond gender
beyond gender orientation
* = required