The Competition Fine Print

Tie the Knot Cape Town reserves the right to allocate a monthly prize to any couple requesting a quotation, or taking up a quotation with Tie the Knot, Cape Town.  This discount will never be a cash refund, cash prize, or be exchanged for anything other than a discount on the Tie The Knot, Cape Town, Quotation.

All parts of your story, MUST actually be true, and ALL photos or images uploaded MUST belong to you.  You may NOT submit anything without the knowledge of your partner to be / spouse to be.

Allocation of the prize is solely at the discretion of the owner of Tie the Knot, Cape Town, and no amount of nagging, tantrums, or tapping of the foot will change her mind.

It may happen from time to time that a second prize is also allocated.  This is again, solely at the discretion of the owner of Tie the Knot, Cape Town and is often the result of a really beautiful story, or an audio file, or really great images uploaded via WeTransfer, resulting in the judge being unable to stop smiling.

Any photos, stories, quotes, uploaded documents and graphic files may be used by Tie the Knot, Cape Town in the event of you accepting the quotation, and engaging a Tie the Knot Cape Town Marriage Officiant for your wedding ceremony.  If you don’t, we undertake to delete your submitted files as soon as you let us know you’re not using Tie the Knot, Cape Town.

You may, if you choose not to use this prize, refer a friend and we will transfer your prize to them!